Anti-Israel Activists Use Photo Of Yemenite Girl, Lie And Say She Is A Burned Palestinian Girl Harmed By Israel

Anti-Israel Activists Use Photo Of Yemenite Girl, Lie And Say She Is A Burned Palestinian Girl Harmed By Israel

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 · It is the FORBIDDEN TRUTH, which neither the Jews nor the Judeo-Christians will dare to speak. But if you do not understand how this masquerade of phony religion and phony heritage has been created, you will not understand the Bible. The simple fact of the matter is this: Jesus was NOT a “Jew.” He was Judean citizen of the Tribe of Judah.

Varda Fuchs, 67, says she was a victim of the Yemenite Children Affair; new genetic technology allowed her to track down her biological family By TOI staff January 23, 2018, 1:49 pm

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Shots Fired as Palestinian Thugs Attack Pro-Israel Demonstrators in Los Angeles Homeland Security officer fired at least one shot at fleeing plo flag brandishing assailants, the latest in a string of assaults on supporters of Israel.

Slideshow full of pics of Yemenite Women. Thanks alot for the comments! *Images were taken from all over the net I did NOT take them.

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Israeli forces detain a female Palestinian demonstrator during a protest demanding Israel to release Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, near Israel’s Ofer Prison near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

By Ben Levitas Former Chairman of the SAZF (Cape Council) I watched on a Television screen monitoring the Israel/Gaza border as 3 Gazans cut a hole in the border fence, went through the no-man’s land area, clamoured up an anti-Tank ditch and entered Israeli territory, where they lit fires on the Israeli side and damaged some property.

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Human Rights Watch’s Israel/Palestine Director Advocates for Boycotting Israel. That Doesn’t Mean Israel Should Expel Him. The problem, Israeli officials said, was not with human rights activists writ large-of which there are thousands in Israel and the Palestinian territories-but rather with anti-Israel political activists like Shakir who seek the total isolation of the Jewish state while masquerading as impartial observers of its actions.

Jewish Teens Protested in Support of Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi. On top of the demonstrations, the organization gathered nearly 1,000 birthday messages to send to Ahed in detention. In addition to sending support to Ahed and other young Palestinians through the demonstrations, Ariela said she hopes other young Jewish people will better understand how Palestinian youths are treated.

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