Cannabis Cultivation: 7 Pieces of Advice No One Will Tell You

Cannabis Cultivation: 7 Pieces of Advice No One Will Tell You

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Cultivation This forum is for the more advanced growers that like to discuss, learn and share the various methods of growing marijuana, to include; hybrid soil and hydro grows, SOG, and advanced grow room and training techniques.

 · Don’t tell other people: this is the number one pitfall of cannabis cultivation, and it’s sad because it is truly so easy to avoid. It’s easy to get excited when you first start your grow, and you may wish to tell your closest friend(s) or family, but resist this temptation at all costs.

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 · How to calculate THC dosage in recipes for marijuana edibles. So for cooking or baking at home, it is safe to assume that a gram of cannabis contains at least 100mg THC. Using Catalano’s dosing measurement formula, you do the math accordingly to find out how much THC per serving. Take the amount of ground marijuana,

 · You can find all the information you need here about the cultivation of cannabis plants from the production to cultivation techniques everything you need to start growing your own marijuana.

An integrated environmental control system (ECS) is the best tool you can have for making science-based cultivation decisions, hands down. Integrating all your equipment under one system, not just your temperature and humidity controllers, but also lighting, water treatment, irrigation, CO 2 enrichment systems and alarms, provides better data, tighter control, increased energy savings and.

You will find online information on cannabis seeds, germination, Cannabis plant sexing, Cannabis growing equipment of today, hydroponic techniques, indoor cannabis growing, outdoor cannabis cultivation, troubleshooting plus a whole lot more. Use the quick search box to find specifics right away.

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You might have better luck getting approved for a personal loan, which you can use to start or fund your cannabis business. Home equity loans. Homeowners can also borrow against the value of their houses with a home equity loan or line of credit.

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