How I Went from Corporate Lawyer to Digital Nomad (And If I Regret It)

How I Went from Corporate Lawyer to Digital Nomad (And If I Regret It)

It wasn’t until I saw a documentary about Siberia in high school that I began to think about heading there myself, a seed that grew bit by bit as the years went by. Prior to founding Legal Nomads, I worked for 5 years in New York as a corporate lawyer, having studied in Canada and then accepted an offer at a firm in Manhattan.

Michelle Fang, chief legal officer at car-sharing company Turo, also spoke up, writing “GCs like me that hire law firms for bet-the-company litigation and other commercial or corporate matters. and.

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Traveling to exotic locations around the world without having to worry about running out of vacation days or how you will pay the bills is a dream that many of us may want to live out. However, this nomadic lifestyle is a reality for some brave individuals, including some who previously lived in.

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I love that you went to law school as a bet! Sure beats going to law school to get a ‘good job’ or because you don’t know what else to do with your life (which I think are pretty common reasons people go). It’s also really cool to meet someone from a similar background who is off living the digital nomad lifestyle.

How will this course prepare you to become a digital nomad? You’ll have a plan for making money, maintaining a quality lifestyle, finding accommodations, and staying safe. You’ll have a long-term vision about your future. You’ll get access to interviews and tips from other successful digital nomads.

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Is the ‘Digital Nomad’ Life as Good as It Sounds? Travel companies are creating a generation of digital nomads, flying gig workers and tech nerds to exotic locales where they can pursue dream jobs.

I Quit My High-Paying Job as a Lawyer to Travel.And It’s Not All Sunshine and Rainbows Before you consider dismantling your life to head off into the great unknown, you should really read this.

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