Will a Failed Radon Test Affect Your Home’s Value? – House to Home Inspect Colorado

Will a Failed Radon Test Affect Your Home’s Value? – House to Home Inspect Colorado

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High radon levels have been known to negatively affect home sales. radon mitigation systems do not require major changes to your home and do not adversely effect the value of your home! Homes mitigated to acceptable levels have added protection against radon and therefore make the mitigation system an excellent selling point.

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Consider Testing for Radon. If radon may be a problem in your rental property, particularly if a tenant has expressed concern about radon and you live in an area that is naturally rich in uranium soil and rock, consider purchasing a radon kit (make sure it says "Meets EPA Requirements") to test the air in your rental properties.

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I think a radon mitigation system can be a postive aspect of a home. Most buyers have the home they are buying tested for radon, since you already have a system in place this is one less thing for the buyer to worry about. In most cases, if the radon level is high, the buyer wants the seller to pay for the system anyhow.

Radon testing will not hold up the purchase of the home if you are facing time restraints. Radon testing takes 48 hours to obtain an accurate result. radon eliminator works with home inspectors to ensure the test is dropped off during the home inspection and picked up 48 hours later.

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